Founded in July 1948, the Charleston, South Carolina Club was organized in Washington, DC, to promote good relations among Charlestonians, support community charitable, educational and religious initiatives, and share information about people and events in Charleston. Its purpose has been expanded over the years to include the preservation of our unique cultural features, and broadening our knowledge about our history and the contributions of our ancestors and contemporaries.

It is still a thriving organization that remains true to its purpose. We celebrate the achievements of members and give assistance and comfort to those in need. Longevity of the club with active charter members and long-term membership supports the future of the club. Everyone is valued for his/her perception, experience and talent.

Fellowship is priceless and in abundance. Every meeting is a miniature reunion. The Club allows members with common heritage to reminisce about their past and embrace the present. Most often their paths have crossed in the past and membership is a means of renewing acquaintances. This reason, among others, is why we successfully hosted the 2012 Grand Reunion for all Charlestonians and friends.

Of special significance, we took the initiative under the auspicious of the Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum to develop a pen pal program between elementary school students in southeast Washington DC and students at the Charleston Development Academy Charter School. Moreover, we played a role in causing an exhibition about Lorenzo Dow Turner’s research on Gullah to tour the Low Country after being on display at the Smithsonian. Finally, to the extent possible, we provide support to celebrities, entertainers and other advocates from Charleston visiting the Washington area to advance their cause.
This is who we are and some of what we do.